Just found a Facebook page called “Competition For The Most Beautiful Teenager”


..the fuck?

For those of you who don’t know, or are too lazy to click the link, to my understanding this page is basically where self centered teenagers can submit pictures of themselves to be put on the page’s main wall.

This page doesn’t make me feel bad about my appearance. It doesn’t make me jealous, or angry, or upset. It confuses me. Who looks at themselves in the mirror and thinks, I’m the most beautiful teenager?

Why do these lucky bastards, who can wake up in the morning and be completely satisfied with their appearance, feel the need to submit it to this page? Is it so they can prove to themselves that they’re worthy of being called beautiful? Or are they just so goddamn cocky that they need to share it with the world?

I don’t understand why people start things like this. This is my message to anyone considering submitting their picture, or looking at this page and feeling shitty about themselves.

Anyone can be beautiful.┬áBut finding a genuinely good person is much harder to come by. Don’t get too hung up on appearances. Focus on loving the people around you and caring for others, I guarantee it will help you in the long run.

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